Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Top Seven Reasons to Have Window Films Installed

1. To Decrease Heat Today's window film is extremely advanced and efficient at controlling the effects of solar energy. Window Film can provide up to 82% more heat reduction in comparison to glass not treated by film. 
 2. To Reduce Fading Window film can block up to 99% of UV rays, thus providing a sunscreen while reducing the amount of solar heat. Minimizing these causes of fading will help to protect your Valuable furnishings and extend their longevity. 
 3. To Cut Glare Whatever the cause - direct sun, reflections from snow, water, or surrounding buildings - window film can help to solar heat gain coefficient eliminate the glare. 
 4. To Improve Comfort and Enjoy Energy Savings Why live with temperature imbalances caused by areas of extreme sun or shade? Such imbalances can also limit the use of interior space. Window film can increase your Comfort by remedying this problem and by reducing your air conditioning costs. 
 5. To Increase Safety When accidents happen, or when vandalism or environmental effects cause breakage, shattering glass can be a hazard. Fading Window films can offer protection by providing a functional "Safety net" that will help to make you feel more secure. 
6. To Enhance Appearance A smart, uniform look works to improve the appearance of the exterior of your home or building. Several window film products can create this gratifying look. 
 7. It's Fast and Easy Professional window film installation is quick and non- intrusive as disruption to an occupants' lifestyle, activities, or work schedules are kept to a minimum. Chirag Shah http://www.glassessential.com Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Chirag_Shah/95592 
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Sunday, January 15, 2023

Window Film - Energy Efficient Window Covering - Energy.Gov



Window films (applied to the glazing surface) help block against solar heat gain and protect against glare and ultraviolet exposure. They are best used in climates with long cooling seasons, because they also block the sun's heat in the winter.

They can be useful for homeowners who don’t want to block views with other window treatments, but who have issues with glare and solar heat gain. They can also be a good choice on windows that are difficult to fit with other window treatments, or in places where artwork, furniture, or carpeting could be faded by UV exposure.

Films typically have three layers: an adhesive layer that sits against the glass, a polyester film layer, and a scratch-resistant coating. You may also choose options such as tints, UV blockers, or thicker films that offer security. Low-e films are also emerging as an energy-saving option.

Window films are rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), which also created window labeling and ratings for consumers. The NFRC’s Window Film Energy Performance Label looks like this:

SOURCE: https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/energy-efficient-window-coverings

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Get to Know Solar Gard

Take a closer look at the manufacturer leading the window film and surface protection industries for more than 40 years.

Window Tinting by Dana uses Solar Gard film exclusively. Serving the Greater Phoenix AZ Area. Call us at 480-833-5034

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Solar Gard Exterior Window Film Dramatically Transforms Medical Buildings

All-glass reflective exteriors have been the hallmark of the four-story medical office buildings at 11160 and 11180 E. Warner Avenue in Fountain Valley, California, since their construction in the mid-1980s. Over the years, however, the glazing had started to fail and the window mullions had seriously deteriorated. After initially considering replacing the glazing and mullions -- a costly upgrade that would also disrupt doctors and patients -- Asset Managers Teri Wilson and Mike Adams called on Kyle Korte at Foresight Services, Inc., in St. Louis, Missouri, for professional assistance in finding the best solution for improving the buildings' aesthetics. "The cost to replace the glazing was approximately seven times more than window tinting. Window film was seen as a more cost-effective solution than new glazing, even though the warranty period for glazing is years longer," Kyle explained. Metropolitan West, a leading provider and installer of solar window films, was responsible for project management. "When I reviewed the RFP referred to me by Solar Gard, I immediately thought of Sentinel Plus™ Outside Weatherable Window Film (OSW) for this project," said Kelly Taylor, Principal at Metropolitan West. "For the most part, installing Sentinel Plus on the exterior meant business as usual for those on the inside."

Thursday, January 5, 2023

A Vortex on Glass Light Can’t Escape

VortexIR® Ceramic Window Film absorbs light, not radio waves, to keep vehicles cool and connected.

Nanotech is being used to improve everything from medicine to batteries and food, but materials pulverized on a molecular scale have other applications that would make even Einstein proud. Solar Gard is releasing the new VortexIR Ceramic Film Series, which leverages nano-sized ceramic particles applied to a window film polymer to absorb and block ultraviolet and infrared light.

“Ceramic is one of the earth’s most timeless insulators and heat-resistant materials,” said Steven Schroer, Sales & Marketing Manager for the Americas at Solar Gard. “Take those properties and bring them down to a size where they can impact and absorb a spectrum of non-visible light associated with heat, and you greatly reduce the thermal load inside your vehicle. Not only does this help us keep the interior of a vehicle cooler longer, but also provides greater flexibility in filtering the visible light spectrum. Essentially we’re able to create a window film with a visible light transmission that could  provide Britney Spears extreme privacy, while at the same time would grant Neil deGrasse Tyson the unobstructed transparency to clearly stare out the window at the stars.”

The advanced ceramic technology found in VortexIR blocks more than 99% of UV rays, rejects up to 96% of infrared rays and has a total Solar Energy Rejection of up to 65%. Because the ceramic nanoparticles used in the VortexIR series absorb light instead of reflecting it, vehicle windows benefit from a deeper and truer shade. Metal particles found in many films reflect a portion of the radio spectrum, but the ceramic in VortexIR does not – meaning the advanced application won’t interfere with mobile phones, GPS navigation, satellite radio, and other electronic devices.

“VortexIR brings a new level of refinement and sophistication for those who want a more comfortable interior, while also presenting a highly customizable level of privacy and rich dark appearance to a vehicle’s exterior,” said Schroer. “If you demand smarter protection on your windows that works as hard as you do, then Solar Gard’s VortexIR Ceramic Film Series is the right application for your glass.”

For more information on the VortexIR Ceramic Film Series visit https://www.solargard.com/product/vortexir/

Monday, January 2, 2023

Install of VortexIR Ceramic Film by Solar Gard - Dry Shrink Method

Our Resident Pro, Scott Iverson, came by the offices and showed us how easy it is to install our latest and GREATEST film, VortexIR.

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year


                   Happy New Year from Window Tinting by Dana